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Hey You! Yess… you! You are a Chaingers, aren’t you?

In this article I will share my thoughts about Chainge, let me know what’s yours…

Investors worldwide are attracted to liquidity, transparency, and powerful network that effects the crypto capital markets.

Smart investors know that being early is critical to success, and investing in cutting-edge cryptoassets before they list on major exchanges is about as early as you can get in venture financing.

In those years of crypto I learned how to chainge my thoughts and be open and receptive to new ideas. Chainge Finance is proposing an attractive idea…

Part 1: 5 questions prepared by AMA SERIES

Question 1

Kevin: The first question we prepared is What is FUSION? What is the role in blockchain?

DJ Qian: Fusion is a public blockchain, a protocol, targeting to serve as the infrastructure of future finance. It solves key problems in today’s financial world which has been blocker for almost half century.

1. How to extract time value from assets? In today’s financial markets, institutions build financial instruments to extract time value from assets to meet market needs, such as bond, bank acceptance, futures, factorings… However, it is extremely expensive and inefficient. It takes days or even weeks to issue…


Chemist, fascinated by Bitcoin, Decentralization, DeFi. Cryptofinance revolution alredy started.

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